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The Best Places to Rent Office Space in London

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If you’re looking to start a small business you want a space to do it that’s going to be the right size and provide you with all the best features. You want a space that’s going to fit the aesthetic of the brand that you’re trying to create and something that’s going to offer you an inexpensive option compared to what else is out there. Let’s start with a quick look at some of the important features that you’re looking for and then get into just what are the Best Office Spaces in London for small business.


Find Your Perfect Office‎ to Rent in London


Commute Time

One of the first things you want to look at is the convenience of the location. You want to be able to get to work relatively quickly, right? You don’t want to be stuck with a really long commute back and forth because that takes time away from the other things that you want to do with your day. London Removal Company Whether Its Your Office Or Your Home, Near Or Far – We Can Move You Smoothly! Professional Storage. Affordable Moving Service. Complete Packing Service. Professional Removals. European Removals. Safe & Secure Transport. Estimate On Request. 

Open Spaces

Even if right now you’re not going to be very big and you’re going to have only a few employees, you have to consider where you’re going. Now, we’re not recommending that you get a huge office building for 500 people when right now there’s only a dozen of you, but don’t get something so small that you can’t expand at all. Take control of your office search. Flexible spaces to match your needs

Local Atmosphere

You want a place that feels good, right? If you’re a really polished and professional place you might not want the office space that has a game room or an arcade built in. If you’re really bohemian and earthy you might not want a place that’s ultra-modern. You want somewhere that your brand really feels like it belongs. 


Do you want to be in an area that has a lot of other people doing what you’re doing? For example, East London is a common place for tech startups and those in the creative industry. Is it important to you to be near others that are like you? Or maybe you want to be a little more out there and choose a place that’s nowhere near others in your industry. The best office spaces in London for small businesses are near others who can help you get started. 

Where to Find it All

Okay, so, you know the things you should be looking for when you choose your next space, but let’s also take a closer look at just where you’re going to want that new space to  be. Depending on what kind of industry you’re in, you may find the best office spaces in London for small businesses in one of these locations or another (but feel free to break the mould).

East London Opportunities

For those creative types, techie’s, fashionistas and media personalities, East London is going to be the place to be. In fact, you’re specifically going to want to check out areas like Old Street, Box park, Aldgate, The City, Bethnal Green and Clerkenwell, where you’ll find plenty of others who are making a go of it in the same industry. Even better, when you’re not working you’ll find places like Meat Mission, Pizza East, Duck and Waffle and Look Mum no Hands to hang out at with your friends (both work friends and personal ones). 

The Best Removal Companies in London

When you’re wandering through the area you’re going to find a number of pop-up locations, bars, restaurants and cafes that are all the fashionable type. Plus, you’re going to have space within the city Center and busy areas if you really want to get up close with others in your industry or you can head to the outskirts to get a little bit more of your own space. When it comes to the actual spaces you should be looking at, The Dock and Workhouse , Coworking Hub One are our Favourites.

Coworking hub – East London

The Dock gives you massive spaces for each person, along with individual plugs, a kitchen, fast internet and a great space to just hang out. They even have special events sometimes so you can get to know the other people in the space. On the other hand, Workhouse One offers a whole lot of natural light and air and you’re going to have a full kitchen, meeting rooms and breakout areas. Not to mention it’s super laid back around here. 


North London Opportunities

For those media personalities, designers, PR pros and creative types, North London is a great option with areas like Camden, Kings Cross, Somers Town, Islington and Angel. When you’re not going to be working (and who is going to work all day?) you’ll want to check out The Haringey Arms, Hansom Lounge, The Red Lion & Sun and Ottolenghi . Each of these places is going to make it a whole lot of fun to enjoy your new Neighbourhood at night and a great way to get work done during the day. 

If you’re looking for a place with a great view it doesn’t get much better than North London, with a gorgeous view of the Thames from just about anywhere. It’s a somewhat more professional area, but it doesn’t lose that hip edge at the same time. You’ll also have the option for the busy and bustling streets or you can head to some of the side areas where you’ll get more of the high class style (depending on what you’re looking for, of course). 

House Clearance Company in Bethnal Green

The North London best office spaces in London for small businesses include NET.WORKS. Islington, HDH Coworking and Xchange Hub , NET.WORKS. is a super unique space that looks like a furniture store, and feels like you’re relaxing in your own living room. They have tables, desks and couches around that make it super easy to get comfortable. On the other hand, HDH Coworking is a small space, with a very stylish and sleek look to it. You’ll really like the feel of the place with the brick walls and unique furniture, and you’ll have a great view of some beautiful parks. Finally, Xchange Hub is the modern option, with a very professional look that you won’t mind showing off to your clients. 


Xchange Hub – North London

Xchange Hub ( )

West London Opportunities

Fashionistas, musicians, product developers, creatives and media personalities are going to thrive in the West London area, and especially places like Paddington, Mayfair, Hammersmith and Victoria. When it’s time to clock out for the day or when you want a slightly less formal place to meet up you can check out the Frontline Club, Tom’s Kitchen, Kensington Roof Gardens and Bluebird, just to name a few. 

The reputation of this part of London definitely proceeds it and you’ll find some of the most expensive regions here, but it also the busiest area of the business district. There’s going to be some great things to look at in this region because it’s where some of the most popular landmarks are (another reason it’s a more expensive area), but it’s not quite as great when it comes to the office space you’re going to find. – Office space to rent in London


Your Space, Your People (

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Reduce operational headaches with consolidated support for cleaning, maintenance, IT, utilities, and more.

Our favourite places here are The Workary, Top Paddington and Niddry Lodge. One of the great things about The Workary is that it’s actually really affordable and just about anyone can get a desk that includes access to special events, meeting rooms, internet and even drinks. Top Paddington provides private booths and some hang out areas as well as offering a stylish setup and a great kitchen. Finally, Niddry Lodge offers some amazing views and even offers showering facilities and it’s pet friendly. What more could you ask for? 

South London Opportunities

The Handbag Factory


(Bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you?) In South London you’re going to find places for creatives, techie’s, production people and events people. They’re all congregating in areas like London Bridge, Waterloo, Southbank and Victoria. Plus, when they’re not punching a time clock they’re going to be hanging out at Udderbelly, Southbank Centre, Borough Market and Somerset House. 

Here you’ll find a fun place that’s really appealing to the younger crowd and you can tell with the energy of the place. It’s actually cheaper than some of the other regions and there’s great access to just about anywhere you want to go because it’s a transport hub. You’re going to have a whole lot to check out and at the rates you’re going to want to snap it up quickly, before someone else does. 

Here we love Arch Collective and The Handbag Factory. Arch Collective is a very unique looking building space, but it offers some awesome extras, like a yoga class every morning, outdoor areas, great internet and even a showroom. If you’re looking for a more professional and sleek look you might want to opt for The Handbag Factory, which offers a stylish location. What’s even better is the upgraded option here will give you free food, a coffee machine and even alcohol. Plus, the location even has a gym so you don’t have to schedule in extra time for your workout. 

Central London Opportunities



Right in the middle of the city you’re going to find a haven for media moguls and fashionistas. Locations like Soho, The City, Clerkenwell and Fitzrovia are the ideal place for these types and offer a range of amazing opportunities. Plus, there’s great places to hang out, like Hawksmoor, Soho House and Meat Liquor. There’s going to be a little bit of anything you might want. 

You’ll find a whole lot of everything happening here, because this is, after all, the heart of the city. It’s the busiest area of them all and it’s going to give you some really short travel times because it’s in the center of it all. Of course, you’ll be paying more in order to get in here, so make sure you’re ready with a higher budget before you try to join in.

The best options in the center of the city include MEWE360 and WeWork: Soho. MEWE360 is super stylish, which is perfect for the creatives that tend to frequent this area. Not to mention it’s centrally located so you can easily walk to work from the tube. There’s even special events and seminars, though it is more expensive here. WeWork is a unique space with an amazing look, including breakout spaces, huge windows and brick walls. There’s also a whole lot of storage space and they host awesome events as well. So if you’re the creative type you’re going to love working here, no matter what you need out of your space. 

Getting Into Your New Space

Of course, even after you’ve decided on the perfect location for your new business you’re going to need to get there, right? Maybe you’ve never rented an office space before or maybe you have but now you’re changing to a new location. No matter what’s going on for your business, you’re going to want all of your stuff transported, right? And you probably don’t want to be the one responsible for doing it all either, right? Well, luckily for you, you definitely don’t have to be.

MTC Office Relocations London is here to help you get everything you need moved in. Whether you’ve already got a full office setup or you’ve got just a few boxes that need to go along with you, you’re going to have a team that can help you pack it up, transport it wherever you’re going (to the best office spaces in London for small businesses, of course) and then help you get settled in. Your removal process has definitely never been easier or faster than it will be with just a single phone call 0800 294 0566

MTC Office Relocations London. City Of London & Surrounding Areas. All Office & Commercial Moves , Get your Free Quote Today.

You want to make sure your business is going to thrive and in order for that to happen you definitely need the best office spaces in London for small businesses. Whether you’re heading to the West, East, North, South or Central, you’re going to find some amazing opportunities, for any type of business. It’s all about finding something that you’re going to love and feel comfortable with. So take a little time and start exploring the area, you’re going to be more than happy with more than the office spaces, but the hangout areas as well. 


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