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Frequently Asked Questions: Planning a Smooth and Successful Office Move

Office Relocations FAQs – Contact Our Expert Team Today Moving Office? Your FAQs Answered from A to Z

  1. What is your company USP?

    We are experienced London Removals Company with 100% positive feedback. Today we are moving over 50 homes and offices every week!  We are not only professional but also friendly to make your move stress free.

  2. What services does MTC offer?

    We are home and office Relocation Company based in London, U.K. We offer reliable and secure business removals services and help in making your experience a stress free moving. From a number of pacing services to hire craters, we are efficient in performing a wide range of services.

  3. What additional services you offer?

    We offer additional services such as Waste disposal services, cleaning and rubbish clearance services upon the items loading, domestic cleaning services. You can contact us for all these additional services.

  4. When should I book my removal?

    As early as possible, get removal quotes! You can also save money this way. A month or two before you decide to relocate is the right time to request a quote.

  5. What if I do not know my accurate move date?

    You can put your estimate moving date to get a quote. If the moving date changes in future, we are very flexible and will surely reschedule the move and existing cost.

  6. What is the best time to move office?

    Mid-week and mid-month are usually less demanded days among our clients, so this is the best time for a last-minute moving and you might even get our removal services at reduced price.

  7. Where do I get office removals Quotes?

    To get a quote for your removal costs, you have to complete the form here FREE QUOTE. Our team and chat support is always available to help you to complete the form. Once we have received your details, we will contact you to discuss details and provide you removals quotations.

  8. What information will the office removals company need?

    To receive a personal quote, you need to provide some personal information. Moving company also need to know current location and moving destination, van access of both locations, needed date or day; you want to move and interested services you want to get with move.

  9. What should the Office Removals Quotes include?

    Quotes include information regarding number of people working in your office; the number of desks and cabinets; IT equipment and other items. You can also ask for site visit quotation also. We gather all the relevant information to provide you accurate quote.

  10. How do you prepare for an office move?

    We will help you prepare, plan and also coordinate with you for your intended move. The earliest you contact us, the best you will get from us. When we know timely which items need to be moved and identify which items require specialist handling and packing, we will have more time to manage things as per your needs.

  11. How much does it cost to move an office space?

    Get a Quick quote by filling some of your personal information and the address of moving from and moving to. We usually charge our work per hour. However, some extra fees will be charged depending on possessions, furniture to be moved, location and many more things.

  12. How much does it cost to move a small office?

    Costing depends on many things such as area, files, furniture. To move a small office, you expect to pay at least £1,000, if you hire professional movers.

  13. How do you move office furniture?

    From packaging the office equipments along with materials, we also provide office crates hire. To send the furniture to customers targeted place, we provide some vans with the driver. We are professional movers that can handle your office costly fragile items like computers, printing equipment, telephones, and fax device securely.

  14. How do you move heavy office furniture?

    We offer partial packing services to handle special objects, pack fragile items and cover large furniture to avoid any possible damage. If you wish to pack everything on your own, our porters will load the large items into truck and move them to your new space.

  15. What to ask your team when you are moving office?

    You can consult our team for office move planning and management. Our team will tell you our experience handling the specific type of move. You can inquire our professionals whether the moving company has experience with the type of move. You should ask about multiple liabilities coverage options to choose from.

  16. Do I require an estimate from my moving company?

    Yes you can ask our team for an estimate and free quotes as this will help you to manage your budgets. Estimate or moving quote is required to determine what all it involves and the cost of the move.

  17. How can I be certain that the moving company I select is professional and consists of honest movers and packers who will care for my goods?

    We are very reliable and professional, fully insured for all kinds of risks with over 150 positive Google reviews and over 6k followers on Instagram. MTC Office Relocations London will act as speedily as possible and maintain the quality of our service to ensure your company relocation passes with ease. We can organize crate hire for you (an ideal way of transporting files) or we can provide you with a free loan of boxes. We also offer a full or part packing service. We take extreme effort into every project that we take in and to care for all your goods.

  18. How much notice do removal companies need?

    Once the moving date is confirmed, you should book your removal with the moving company. It would be best to give two weeks’ notice to the moving company.

  19. Will you match an equivalent quote from a competitor?

    We always offer comparable and competitive quotes! We will also price match any competitor pricing which is lower than our own.

  20. How do I dispose of old office equipment?

    Donating is the best way to dispose your old office equipment. There are several charitable organizations that can pass your old equipments to needed and educational groups.

  21. Do you provide full insurance?

    We are insured remover and are able to accept liability for loss or damage up to a value of £50,000.00 (This amount can be increased).

  22. What is Man and Van London service?

    Man and Van London service is a cost effective way to move to a furnished property. Your house contents will be packed and moved efficiently and carefully as all the employees are professional drivers and movers.

  23. What are these Vans are equipped with?

    These removal vans are equipped with boxes, pads and hand trucks as well as clothes rails. 

  24. Why one should choose Man and Van Company?

    Lower price, small office or house move, insurance from all kind of risks, safe movement of items and your chance to travel with the team for free are some key benefits of Man and Van Company.

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