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How much does relocating an office cost?

How much does relocating an office cost?

Moving into an office space for some fortunate companies can be a cake walk ( luck by chance) and on the other hand it can be the most toughest decision to make. In the current trend one can find all kind of business centres starting from a 2 star to 7 star centres. As a decision maker you have carefully analyse the positives and negatives of your decision with a particular business centre that you may want to finalise.

How much does Relocating an Office Cost?
How much does Relocating an Office Cost?

How much does Relocating an Office Cost?

For you to understand the requirements for your new office, the reasons why you want to relocate your business, a comprehensive review of the overall objectives of your business to know if the relocation time is appropriate, as well as an Office Relocation Brief should be included in an Office Relocation Strategy.

Having an Office Relocation Strategy that is properly planned and comprehensive will guide your office space decision, help you determine the perfect time to relocate your office, and also help you settle on a realistic budget when relocating.

Before you consider relocating your business, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do you want to relocate your business? What are the major reasons? Are you relocating because of costs, location, you need more workspace or less workspace, or you want a change in working methods?
  • Will your staff and customers benefit from relocating your business?
  • What are the consequences of relocating your business?
  • What time will be more suitable for moving the business?
  • Could refurbishing the office be a better option?
  • Office Moving Costs

    How to Relocate your Business
    How to Relocate your Business

These issues need to be discussed with the management and consult with internal teams like the human resource, finance, and marketing unit to ensure every problem is considered.

You should reflect on how your business strategy will be affected 3-5 years into the future if you should relocate and whether an office relocation can assist you in achieving your business objectives more efficiently. Don’t forget that relocating your office completely can take about six to eighteen months, make sure you include this in your office relocation plan.

It is important you relocate your office at the appropriate time, it needs to conform with your business strategy so it does not impact when you are launching a new product, staff training, or fiscal targets you have set for your business negatively. Also, it is crucial to take note that a business relocation requires careful coordination; thus, the project leader needs to be dedicated and committed in order to manage all office relocation project as well as achieve key objectives.

If you have decided the right time to move your company, remember to use the office relocation checklist; this will assist you in managing and preparing your company for relocation.

#How to Relocate your Business

Make sure you understand the costs and timeframes involved in relocating your office

Have at the back of your mind that every office relocation is different, and several factors, such as the size of the company, the time required for constructing the office space, the complexities of lease negotiations, and so on, can influence the duration of relocation. However, regardless of your situation, understanding the costs and the timeframes when relocating is very useful.

How long is required to relocate?

The first thing to do is to establish important dates that will decide the possible timeframe to move your office. A Moving Office Costs Timetable should be used; this will ensure that every aspect in moving the office is carried out together and appropriately – from the start date to the final date. It is important you plan ahead if you want to make the right choices when moving, it will also give you plenty of time to negotiate better deals during the relocation process.

There are six important stages you need to consider when relocating your business:

  • The strategic planning governing the decision to relocate
  • Search and selection of the right office space
  • Accepting terms and sorting all relevant lease documentation out
  • Sorting out all office designs, furniture, and fit-out issues
  • Ensuring a smooth movement (or upgrade) of your IT and Telecoms infrastructure
  • The physical movement (the office removals element)

To achieve desired results when relocating, make sure you employ the service of an office relocation professional to handle every important stage of the office relocation project. From experience, businesses that employ the assistance of an office relocation expert when moving their business usually avoid mistakes and save more money when relocating. 

#Costs of relocating an office?

London Office Furniture Movers
London Office Furniture Movers

Besides people cost, most companies are likely to spend more money on the cost of properties (property costs) and relocating an office– while getting your business a better, affordable and appropriate office space – will be one of the most expensive projects what a company will undertake.

Here are some tips on : How to Move Office

1. Plan well in advance:

Your search for a business centre starts at the very first thought when you think of moving out of your current premises for any reason. Be pro active – Do not wait until the deadline. Start your first step by deciding on the specific date.

2. Detailed Requirements of your work space

Make a list of services and facilities that you would want from your office space provider

1. Type of office – A co working space or a dedicated private cabin or just a mailing address

2. Budget

3. If physical space is what you opt for then decide number of seater/s required

4. IT Infrastructure and support

5. Address usage

6. Reception services

7. Office boy assistance and stationary

8. Availability of Photocopying , Fax and printers

9. Business Lounge

10. Board rooms and meeting rooms

11. Access to business centre on holidays

12. Parking facility

13. Tenure

14. Helpful staff in the business centre

15. Opportunities to grow and expand

3. Decide upon the Location

Next step is to decide on the preferred location. There are few must factors thy has to be thrown light on

a. In CBD areas

b. Proximity to public transportation

c. Save team members travel time

d. Easily accessible on Google location

e. Prime address

4. Identification and analysis of alternatives

at this stage , you search information about various business centres in the particular location and evaluate alternatives. You compare the offerings of each centre in line with the value for money that you will be spending.

5. Shortlist

Shortlist at least 3 business centre and visit . This will give you a fair understanding about the look , feel and atmosphere of the business centre.

6. Experience a day

Some of the business Centres do give you a day pass to experience their services. Do make use of it. You can have a check on the Internet speed, services by the support staff , Work atmosphere, spacing of each desk etc.

7. Finalise

Once you have experienced your day at each centre , you are clear on your final choice.

Finalise with the Business Centre , complete the documentation and Start off .

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