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Easy Checklist Guide to Use When Moving a Business 

This article guide will help you plan and organise your business relocation… 

Moving from one location to another whether it is a home or an office is a very complicated endeavor, if it is a home the things you may have to attend to may be quite different to moving an office or business.

If it is a business and you are moving office in central London and your business was already located in this great city you may have some breathing space but still it would be crucially important that you get the intricacies right.

In the alternative if you are contemplating an office move london from elsewhere then you would need to plan better and ensure that you get all the statutory requirements that you may need to adhere to and fulfill prior to the move. 

We take a very careful look at some of the very salient and pertinent things we may have to do in this relocating an office checklist to ensure that we get everything on cue as possible to ensure a smooth business move.

Top Tips to Make a Business Relocation Go Smoothly

city of london office movers
city of london office movers

Quick Checklist of Things to Do When Moving a Business

Our move should be well planned, coordinated and smooth without any hiccups as we carry ourselves and some of our little personal and important official belongings to the new location wherever that may be.

Moving a business means you have to take your customers, suppliers, creditors, debtors and well wishers too along with you because just because you move it does not mean that you leave your business activities also behind.

Hence prudent thought should go into your intended business move and every aspect should be taken into consideration and no stone should be left unturned to ensure that you take every cent of your business along with you to your new premises.

To do so you would need the unstinted support of every member of your staff and all the rest outside who are the fabric of your business endeavor and any tear in it could spell disaster.

The ideal checklist of what to do when moving your business

#. Select and arrange the new premises

Select and make all relevant arrangements at the new premises where your business is intending to move and ensure the place is ready to receive when you arrive with everyone and everything on tow.

The new premises should suit your image and blend with what you project through your business hence much though should be initiated by you and others in the organization to ensure that the move would be beneficial in all counts.

It would be prudent on your part to ensure that everything moves smoothly and it would be a very good idea to avail yourself of a moving business premises checklist so that you could tick the chores off as and when you accomplish them.

The Internet would provide you with an office move checklist free if you do want one, which could be modified to suit your individual preferences if any, which would be unique to your business which then could be included in it.

This would help you immensely as the time lapses and the moving date draws closer and it would be one very important and valuable document when you are contemplating of moving your business.

Use this Checklist when Moving your Office

office moving company london
office moving company london

#. Prepare a detailed layout plan in the new premises

Prepare a detailed floor plan of the new premises and then sit with those responsible in your office and plan out where each employee would be allocated space and where the various other items of furniture etc, would be located.

This is one of the most crucial aspects in the all important office move project plan, if not which, you would arrive at the premises and create a chaotic situation which would take some days or even weeks to sort out.

#. Set a convenient date to move

It would be again very thoughtful and prudent if you select the most convenient date taking all relevant angles especially the commuting factors of those employees who would need to travel from a distance out of the city into consideration and then set the date for the moving of your office.

This would be a very collective effort by everyone in the office and something which would be beyond their call of duty hence involving them would build good relations and a sense of camaraderie among all.

Ensure that a office relocation planning guide is very prominently displayed for every staff member to see and know where the impending move stands with D-Day.

This needs to be updated on a daily basis and when D-Day is one week away it would be advisable to be updated twice a day so that the tempo remains high and everyone is focused at the task ahead.

#. Allocate a budget

Finances are important hence it would be in your better interests to allocate a budget and ensure that you stick to it and if there is to be any deviations it should be highlighted at once.

This would show you what is happening where, as far as the costs of the office move project plan is concerned which is an important factor as your business would be incurring a substantial cost for the move.

It may be an upgrade or a down grade and whatever it may be it is going to cost money and knowing where it is going is your prerogative.

#. Delegate tasks

List out all the tasks that would need to be accomplished from the time the decision to move had been planned which would be to a great extent on your moving a business checklist and if by chance it may not be there, include them.

When you have all the tasks on paper call a meeting and delegate tasks to everyone and ensure everyone is involved and seek their help moving office because a collective effort would streamline the move and ensure smoothness.

This would make every member of your staff important and a part of the learning curve where they would experience firsthand of how to move a business to a new location, an experience they would cherish and take along into their future endeavors.

 #. Appoint an internal coordinator

Pick and appoint one staff member who would coordinate all tasks internally and keep a tab of everything that is happening and he or she would also ensure that the time schedules are met and things are moving smoothly.

The internal coordinator would speak to all the other staff and see how they are progressing and if anyone has any issues it could be quickly ironed out and solutions found, without it being in abeyance when D-Day arrives.

The internal coordinator would closely monitor the checklist for business move and keep talking and discussing the overall progress in each and everyone’s efforts towards D-Day.

#. Appoint an external coordinator

This is another very important appointment and the person should be an extrovert of sorts who would be entrusted to speak to all customers, suppliers, creditors, debtors and everyone else who have dealings with your business.

It would be his or her duty to send them emails, call them and communicate with all of them, not forgetting any to inform them of your intending move and the address of the new location with the relevant contact details.

It would be quite embarrassing to your business if any of your creditors turn up at your business premises after you have moved and find your doors shut.  

The external coordinator has a very crucial role to play in promoting your business after you move to your new location because the move would traditionally bring a dent in your business during the next couple of months.

A good appointee to handle this role could neutralize some of the negatives if he or she is persuasive in character.

He or she should also be kept apprised of the office relocation action plan because it would be this person’s duty to answer the many questions put forward by customers and others.

Having the relevant information at their fingertips would bode well for your business and show character to those wanting to know about the move and the reasons for it or it could be the gossip among your competition.

#. Hire reputed and experienced Packers

Always hire reputed and experienced packers as it would take a big load off your shoulders as they know exactly what is expected of them and would accomplish the delegate tasks with precision.

#. Select and appoint the Mover

Once the plan is drawn up it would be a very simple task to arrive on D-Day and set up the office in double quick time which would be generally accomplished and delivered to by professional movers.

They would know exactly what fits where and when D-Day is over everything would be just as you would want and D-Day plus one would be back to the grind and the start of your business without a single day of delay.

Hence planning the move with military precision is what is needed and it is not an impossible task if you follow the right steps and ensure everything fits where it should.  



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