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What Should you do Before Office Relocation?  

 What Should You do Before Office Relocation? A Comprehensive Guide

Relocating an office can be a daunting task, and it takes a significant amount of planning and preparation. The last thing you want is for the relocation process to disrupt business operations and affect employee productivity. Therefore, it is crucial to have a plan in place before starting the relocation process. In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you prepare before office relocation.

1) Create a Timeline: Before you begin any moving process, it is critical to set a timeline of the entire operation. This timeline must include every task you need to do, and set the deadlines for each. You must also ensure that each employee in your organization knows and understands the timeline. Typically, it takes about 12 weeks to plan an office move from inception to completion. Hence, plan and implement each step keeping in mind these 12 weeks.

2) Hire a Professional Office Moving Company: Relocating an office with a professional moving company can help to ensure a smooth moving process, reducing the risk of damage to equipment and helping you save time. Before hiring a moving company, ensure that you vet them to guarantee that they are reliable and competent. Also, be sure to check that the moving company has experience in the type of move that your office requires.

3) Declutter: Office relocation is an excellent time for decluttering. It is the perfect opportunity for you to get rid of documents, equipment, and other items that you no longer need. Go through your office and throw away things that are no longer useful or donate items in good condition. Decluttering will reduce the amount of equipment that moving companies will need to move, and ultimately may reduce the cost and time it takes to relocate.

4) Communicate with Employees: Communication is critical for a successful office relocation. Inform employees about the forthcoming move as early as possible. They will need time to prepare themselves, and this ensures that they fully understand everything involved in the move. It also helps them to ask any questions they may have.

5) Update Your Business Information Online: When relocating an office, you will need to update your business information online. This includes your business name, phone number, and address. After the move, update your information on your Google My Business, Yelp, and other relevant platforms to ensure that customers and potential customers can find your new location easily.


In conclusion, relocating an office can be a challenging task. Still, with proper planning and preparation, you can minimize disruption to your business and ensure a smooth relocation process. This means putting together a timeline, hiring a professional moving company, decluttering, communicating with employees, and updating your business information online. By following this comprehensive guide, you can get your office up and running in your new location quickly and efficiently.

Office relocation is stressful and tedious, but with proper planning and organization earlier in the process, the move will definitely be easier. As complex as an office relocation can be, it is not impossible to handle when approached strategically. Taking care of essential items such as flooring, utilities, and renovations well in advance are some important steps to take for a successful move.


Relocating your office can be a daunting task, but MTC Office Removals is here to make the process seamless and efficient. Our comprehensive office relocation services ensure a smooth transition to your new workspace. We handle every aspect of the move, from initial planning to moving office furniture and equipment.

To ensure your items are safely transported, our expert team provides professional office packing services. We are experienced in handling delicate and valuable items, giving you peace of mind throughout the move. As a leading provider of London office removals, we understand the unique challenges that come with relocating in the city.

If you’re looking to declutter your workspace, our office clearance services can help you dispose of unwanted items responsibly. For larger-scale projects, we also offer business relocations tailored to your specific needs.

For smaller moves or single-item transportation, our man and van services are an affordable and efficient solution. And, to further simplify the moving process, our crates hire service ensures you have the necessary packing materials to keep your belongings secure.

Trust MTC Office Removals to provide a stress-free and professional moving experience for your office relocation.


One last thing that would ensure a great transition for any business would be to have the help of professionals like MTC Office Relocations London who guarantee high-quality services from packing everything to cleaning up afterwards. Investing in reliable movers such as them can ensure a huge difference when moving and will save on time and money in the long run. Therefore, whether you are planning an office relocation or preparing for one soon, following the guidelines presented above will certainly ease your mind during this hectic process.

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