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Benefits of Working From Home

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Advantages Of Home Office Over Work From Office

What’s better than working in your own safe space sitting in your comfortable chair? As the COVID-19 continues to take over the world, a lot of offices and businesses have shifted online. Advantages Of Home Office Over Work From Office, What’s better than working in your own safe space sitting in your comfortable chair? As the COVID-19 continues to take over the world, a lot of offices and businesses have shifted online.

Some people believe that remote work offers a better work-life balance, as it allows people to avoid long commutes and spend more time with their families.

In addition, some people find that they are more productive when working from home. This may be because they are less distracted in their own environment or because they have more control over their schedule.

Finally, remote work can save companies money, as it eliminates the need for employees to physically commute to an office.

There are many advantages of working from home, such as:

  • You can work in your Pajamas.
  • There’s no need for expensive office attire.
  • You can take breaks whenever you want.
  • You can work at your own pace.
  • No need for expensive lunches out.
  • Can listen to whatever music you want.
  • Can watch whatever TV shows you want.

There are many advantages to working from home,

the biggest one being that you can save time on your commute. Not only is this good for your wallet (since you’re not paying for gas or public transportation), but it’s also good for the environment. And let’s not forget about the stress-free benefit of avoiding rush-hour traffic.

Another big advantage of working from home is that you can take breaks whenever you want. Moving company in Bow If you need a break to run an errand, take a walk, or just relax for a few minutes, you don’t have to feel guilty because you’re “taking time off” — you’re simply taking a break during your workday. This flexibility is especially nice when there are

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Home office is a concept that eliminates the need of stepping out of your home to regulate your office-related activities. This does not apply to occupations that require on-duty calls for example nurses or doctors; this is reserved for office workers only.


What are the advantages of Working from Home rather than the Office?

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What We Do

Advantages Of Home Office Over Work From Office

We aim to provide our clients with the best London office evacuation services. We have sets of principles to give our customers completely proficient, hassle-free help. Our primary aim is to assist our important customers with feeling less tension and help them overcome their concerns Office Furniture Removals London  – Highly Efficient Services, Market Leaders in Office Relocations Company . Our Managers Work To Your Needs!

Now, let us compare both working environments on factual grounds and analyse what can suit you better and how.



Advantages Of a Home Office

  1. Productivity

According to a study on Statistica, Businesses in the US reported up to 18% reduction in office politics and 34% stress release from employees. In an office scenario, you have a number of distractions: from small talks with the colleagues to ringtones of your employees to formally greeting everyone — your productivity tends to lessen.

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The level of concentration you have at your home, in a closed room, helps you analyze and work better. You can give attention to details without having 10 other people distracting you. You can set your workplace according to your liking, having an atmosphere that can help you increase your productivity.

According to a survey by Statistica, 35% of employees in Australia were able to perform more when allowed to work from home. With a peaceful surrounding, your favorite music on; you can surely improve your productivity.

  1. Flexible Schedule

Unlike a regular office where you have to report early in the morning, the home office helps you start your work at your convenience. In 2020 alone, 53% of offices reportedly have flexible working hours due to covid19. Unless you have a meeting or an appointment, you can start your work literally anytime you like.

This promotes a healthy workspace. You can do much more in flexible hours than fixed working hours.

  1. Easier To Communicate

If you have a home office, you do not have to move around to find empty peaceful space or a conference room to make your calls. You can do that sitting comfortably in your home with zero distractions and noise —  no chatty coworker or employee interference.

  1. Save more Money and Spend Less Time

Traveling all the way to the office and back not only costs a lot but is also time-consuming. Half of a person’s time is wasted in getting ready and traveling to the office followed by traffic that eventually destroys 75% of the mood.

Nonetheless, the home office likewise implies that you are not required to leave your home. This saves both; your time and money. You can save 33% on costs as compared to working in an office.

  1. No Dressing Up

The best part of the home office is not having to change into formals. You can sit around in your comfortable clothes and still work. Wear your old, comfortable tees, sweatpants and you are good to go.


Disadvantages of Work From Home Office

  1. Sticking To The Routine

Workplace has a certain decorum and aura that keeps you motivated. However, being at home can make you lazy, and sticking to your schedule might be a little challenging.

  1. Missing Calls

Was your phone on a do not disturb mode and you missed an important meeting? Well, that is likely to happen when you are at home!

  1. Self Discipline

Home office is all fun and games when the real game enters; your conscious fighting between wanting to complete the presentation and wanting to play a video game. Here self-discipline kicks in. 

  1. Boredom

Although your colleague’s small talk might be a little boring, wasn’t it a source of entertainment and laughter as a distraction from work? Well, the home office can be a lot more boring without the chatty co-workers. 

  1. Waiting For A Lead

In a regular office, you can carry on with work because you have access to your manager all the time; run to their office, clear your queries, and continue the work. However, in the home office, you have to wait for the response. It’ll affect how you work on something for the following hour or even the rest of the day.

Work From Home Or Work From Office: Which Is Better?

Your focus is the most important element when you work — one distraction and your concentration goes down the drain. You are more likely to get disturbed at the office with the continuous chattering and interaction with your colleagues. From a solid WiFi connection to a personal peaceful space, a home office is a better option than work from the office.

Can Work From Home Increase Productivity?

The Home Office has said to increase employee productivity. According to a study made on a group of 16,000 workers who worked from home for 09 months claimed that working from home increased their productivity by 13%.



How To Discipline yourself To Work From Home

One question that really surrounds our thoughts when we work from home is: How To Get Motivated To Work From Home?

How To Get Motivated To Work From Home?

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Here are 05 tips on work from home that can help you develop the discipline to work from home:

  1. Schedule Ahead

You need to have a timetable that would assist with staying aware of your focus and inspiration for the duration of the day. Keeping up with and following an appropriate timetable will help you keep off any interruptions.

  1. Breaks

Breaks assist an individual with expanding their adequacy and effectiveness. It keeps you new even in the wake of working hours on something. So take power naps or short breaks to stay active and committed to your working hours.

  1. Clothes

What we wear influences how we act. For example, when we are in our PJs or loungewear, we are free and it leaves us progressively lazy. when we put on our workpieces of clothing or formal apparel types, it grants a sign to the brain that it’s an optimal chance to stop dawdling. Being dressed for work can be an awakening variable while working from home, which subsequently will extend our effectiveness. 

  1. Environment

Lighting has an enormous effect. It has been seen that cooler lights make the laborer more useful. Regular light is kind with your eyes and can diminish sadness and further develop disposition, energy, and readiness. Likewise, where you work also counts; the spot need not be someplace private however it ought to be far away from your love seat or your bed. 



Bottom Line:

Work from home can turn out to be a blessing for those who are ready to make some changes and discipline themselves accordingly. A nice workspace that is separate from where you sleep can really make a big difference in your work-from-home performance.


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