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How to Fit an Office in a Small Living Room?

How to Fit an Office in a Small Living Room: A Comprehensive Guide



The concept of working from home has increasingly become a necessity for many professionals around the world. Whether you are freelancing, starting a small business, or working remotely, creating a productive workspace in your home is crucial. For those who don’t have a dedicated home office, converting a small living room into a functional office can be a challenge, but it’s certainly achievable. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to fit an office in a small living room.

Are you faced with the challenge of fitting a home office into your small living room? While it might seem impossible, with some imagination and creativity, you can create a working space that not only looks good but is also productive. We know it’s difficult to make everything fit and finding ways to combine function with style, but don’t worry – we will show you how! Read on for our best tips and tricks on transforming a cramped and cluttered living room into an efficient working area perfect for all of your remote-working needs.

Small living room office layouts for remote workers


Assessing the Space

Analyzing the Living Room

  • Dimensions: Measure the space to understand what will fit.
  • Natural Light: Consider windows and natural lighting.
  • Electrical Outlets: Plan for computer, phone charging, etc.
  • Existing Furniture: Determine what can stay or needs to go.

Identifying Your Needs

  • Work Surface: Desk size and type.
  • Storage: Shelving, cabinets, or drawers.
  • Technology: Computer, printer, etc.
  • Comfort: Ergonomic chair, proper lighting.

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Selecting the Right Furniture

Choosing a Desk

  • Space-Saving: Consider fold-down or corner desks.
  • Style: Match the existing décor.
  • Functionality: Ensure enough workspace.

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Finding the Right Chair
  • Ergonomic Design: Promotes proper posture.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Complements the room’s design.
  • Size: Fits the space without overwhelming it.

Implementing Smart Storage Solutions

Utilizing Vertical Space

  • Shelves: Wall-mounted or freestanding.
  • Cabinets: Consider height to maximize floor space.
  • Hanging Organizers: For small supplies.

Multi-Functional Furniture

  • Ottomans with Storage: Store items inside.
  • Desk with Drawers: Combines work surface and storage.

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Integrating Technology

Planning for Cables

  • Cable Management: Use clips, ties, or trays.
  • Wireless Options: Consider wireless keyboard, mouse.

Positioning Equipment

  • Monitor: At eye level to prevent strain.
  • Printer: Accessible but not intrusive.

Creating a Productive Atmosphere

Balancing Work and Living

  • Zoning: Separate work and leisure areas.
  • Decor: Blend office necessities with home comfort.

Managing Noise and Privacy

  • Soundproofing: Curtains, rugs to absorb sound.
  • Privacy Screens: If other family members share space.

Learn how to maintain productivity during an office relocation.

Lighting Considerations

Utilizing Natural Light
  • Positioning: Place desk near window if possible.
  • Blinds and Curtains: Control glare.

Supplementing with Artificial Lighting

  • Task Lighting: Desk lamp for focused work.
  • Ambient Lighting: General room lighting.

Staying Organized

Daily Cleanup
  • Tidy Up: End each day with a clean workspace.
  • Organize Papers: Use trays, folders.
Regular Reevaluation
  • Assess Needs: As tasks change, so might your needs.
  • Make Adjustments: Stay flexible and adjust as needed.


Transforming a small living room into an efficient workspace might seem daunting, but with careful planning, the right furniture, smart storage solutions, thoughtful integration of technology, attention to lighting, and a commitment to staying organized, it can become a reality. Working closely with professional services such as MTC Office Relocations London can also facilitate the process, especially if relocation or furniture removal is needed. Ultimately, fitting an office into a small living room in London requires creativity, flexibility, and a willingness to make the most of the space you have.

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